HF Cow
HF Cows or Holstein Friesians Cows are well known as the globe's highest-production dairy animals. These cows have distinctive markings which is generally white and black in color.
We are popular as the buffalo dairy farm in Karnal (Haryana, India). They have good resistance to disease and require less care. Their draught and trotting capacity is also very good.
Indian Breed Cow
We provide various Indian Breed Cows which have high milk yield containing higher butterfat content and are non-aggressive in nature. They have good resistance against all types of weather.
Jersey Cow
This breed requires less care and has lower body weight, which makes it popular breed. Jersey Cow gives increased amount of milk as compared to other small breed cows.
Cow & Buffalo Bull
We are offering a variety of Cow & Buffalo Bull which are strong and have good resistance to diseases. They have good grazing ability and good bloat tolerance.

"We are accepting order above 10 unit only."