Sound Amenities

Right from our first working day, we have been working with honesty and maintaining fair trade practices. We provide clients our dairy animals only after providing them complete knowledge about the breed, feeding habits, behavior and health requirements. Our veterinarian & care taking personnel guide client about handling cows & buffaloes and also their vaccinations requirements. Further, we have maintained all the facilities that are needed for feeding, bath, health check ups and sleeping by dairy animals.

Why Buy Our Livestock?

  • Free from all the diseases
  • Active animals
  • Guarantee of breed & approximate milk producing capacity
  • We have all the certifications that required for running this business

Our Cattle Providers

Ever since our inception, we have been constantly meeting the demands of several dairy products producers by providing them healthy cows & buffaloes which we procure from some reliable sources.  Our sources are financially strong, they take proper care of livestock and also ensure the proper growth and nourishment of all the cattle. Keeping in mind health concerns of their offered Australian Cow, Dairy Cow, Sahiwal Bull, Pregnant Heifer, Sahiwal Breed Cattle, Murrah Buffalo, Murrah Bull, Murrah Buffalo Bulls, Murrah Breed Buffalo etc., they assure to provide these to us only after approval of veterinary doctors. Our procuring agents find our all the sources, from whom we get our offer livestock.

What We Offer?

We are a well known Trader, Supplier, Exporter and Service Provider of the following:


  • American Cow
  • Australian Cow
  • Dairy Cow
  • HF (Holstein Friesian) Breed Cattle
  • Jersey Cow
  • Sahiwal Cow
  • Gir Cow
  • Cow Heifer (Pregnant & Non-Pregnant)
  • Murrah Buffalo
  • Niliravi Buffalo
  • Buffalo Heifer (Pregnant & Non-Pregnant)
  • Pregnant Buffalo
  • Pregnant Cow
  • HF Bull
  • Jersey Bull
  • Sahiwal Bull

    Our Farm

    In the past, Cattle has played a crucial role in bringing white revolution in India as they are worshipped as god in our country. We give stress towards taking care of all the sourced cows & buffaloes, before providing them to various product dairy products producers. For this purpose, we have invested on buying a massively sprawling farm, where we keep all the livestock. To have systematic working, this farm is segmented by us into different sections. We have maintained sections for bath, feeding, sleeping and a clinic in the same spacious farm. Further, our firm has also invested on owning facilities that are required by cattle for healthy living.

    Our Cattle Carer

    Handling animals is not at all an easy task, people who love animals unconditionally can only do this job. Keeping the same in mind, we have appointed some cattle lovers to handle all our cows & buffaloes with great care. These personnel hold deep knowledge of cattle, their likings, behavior and habits, which help them in their work. Before providing our lovable livestock to clients, our experts provide them detailed knowledge about their breed, behavior, health requirements, feeding habits and approximate milk giving quantity. Further, our veterinarian regularly conduct health check-ups of all our dairy animals and provide them necessary vaccinations so as to have their good health. 

    "We are accepting order above 10 unit only."