Demand of milk in India is estimated to rise up to 200 million tonnes in 2020 from present demand of 155 million tonne. Out of this, the high percentage of demands of buffalo milk due to its thickness and higher nutrition value due to high calcium, protein, fat and energy content is also set to boom. With rising Indians' consciousness regarding health and gym experts recommending health freaks to consume buffalo milk to build muscles, it is in high demand. Livestock Buffalo are considered to be excellent for dairy farming due to its' low land and manpower requirement which makes it economical and easy to rear a buffalo in the farm. Also, the fodder and feed requirements for buffalo are low as it feeds on microorganisms mostly which are found naturally.  Also, owing to its milks' thickness, the milk derivatives produced from buffalo milk is of exceptional quality. Further, some breeds of buffalo even produce more than 18 Litres of milk everyday. Hence, if you're into milk production, buying a buffalo is extremely cost-efficient and profitable due to its' low cost, low rearing cost, good quality and quantity of its' milk. Some reasons that states why you should buy Livestock Buffalo from us are:
  • We provide the livestock breed which is well famous for its disease resistance and hardiness
  • The available breeds can be used for field and road work
  • Available livestock is called best indigenous dairy breed by the experts of the industry
  • Famous for its excellent lactation, draught capacity and trotting ability.
Product Image (BF 003)

Nili-Ravi Buffalo

Price: 60000 INR
  • Delivery Time:01 Days
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
Product Image (BF 002)

Mehsana Buffalo

Price: 60000 INR

Specifications :

  • Colour  : Black
  • Body Weight : 500-550 kg
  • Butter Fat 7.5%
  • Milk Capacity 12-18 ltr per day

Product Image (BF 001)

Murrah Buffalo

Price: 40000.00 - 60000.00 INR

Specifications :-

  • Shining Skin
  • Jet black colour
  • Body weight 650-700 kg
  • Regular Conceive
  • Water Buffalo
  • Milk capacity 12 to 20 ltr per day